Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time flies...

Wow I have to say my first blog was months ago. But here I am, back again! I can't believe time is winding down to January 17th. In just 2 days, yes 2, I will be 21. Super excited btw! I keep catching myself thinking more about Disney though. I guess it's because I'll be spending much of my 21st bday year at the most magical place on earth. Unfortunately, I still have hours of planning to do before I leave. My mom and I already have our hotel room waiting for us to arrive in Orlando the 16th. Now all I have to worry about is packing, and I have to say this is really stressful. More stressful than when I moved to college my freshman year. I've found some pretty awesome packing list ideas by reading tons of blogs. I hope they help because they're definitely helping me =)

·         Bedroom/Closet
o   Bedding (twin size)
§  Comforter
§  Pillow cases
§  Sheets
§  Pillow
§  Blanket
o   Bed Padding
o   Shoes (business, athletic, etc)
o   White board and markers
o   Laundry basket/hamper
o   Fan
o   Garbage can/bags
o   Hangers
o   Clothes (business, casual, etc)
o   Swimming Suit, beach towel, etc.
o   TV/DVD Player/DVDs
o   Lamp
o   Laundry soap, etc
o   Full Length Mirror
o   Extension Cords (2)
·         Bathroom/Linen Closet
o   Shower curtain
o   Toilet seat cover/ Floor mat
o   Shower organizer
o   Air freshener
o   Shampoo, etc anything you use to get ready with
o   Towels (bath and face)
o   Wash cloths
o   Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Make-up/Deodorant/Razors/etc
o   Medicine, if any
o   Brush/elastics/bobby pins
o   Straighter/Hair Dryer
·         Kitchen/Living Room
o   Towels and wash cloths
o   Shelving
o   Masking tape/duct tape/sharpies to help label food
·         Cleaning Supplies
o   Febreze
o   Lysol/bathroom spray
o   Kitchen trash bags
o   Paper towels/napkins
o   Clorox wipes/Windex
o   Swiffer
o   Small vacuum
·         Electronics
o   Computer/printer/paper/scanner
o   Digital camera/rebel/cell phone and charger/iPod and charger/headphones
o   Computer speakers
o   External hard drive
o   Extension cords/surge protectors
o   Keyboard/Mouse/Web Cam
·         For Your Desk
o   Notebooks/index cards
o   Books
o   Rubber bands/staples/paper clips/pencils/pens/post-it notes/hole punch
o   Book bag
o   Desk lamp/extra lamp
o   Tissues
·         Paperwork
o   License/SS Card
o   On boarding paper work
o   Insurance (car, health, dental)
o   Car registration
·         Misc
o   Tool set/screw driver
o   Flash Light
o   Alarm clock
o   Dishes
o   ENO
o   Computer charger for laptop
o   Combination Lock

Monday, October 4, 2010

Walt Disney World, here I come!!!

I'm going to WDW for Spring 2011!!! Ah, I still can't believe I get to live at the most magical place in the world for 4 months. I was so ansy all summer waiting for the application to open up. When it finally did, there was no way I was going to wait for recruiters to come to my school. I went ahead and watched the E-presentation in my pajamas! Applying only took me a couple hours and I had my phone interview two days later. Then, just one week later, I received the invitation email!! I wasn't even expecting an email. I figured I had to wait for that purple folder for 4 weeks. Everything happened so fast and it's been so amazing!

So I'll be arriving January 17th! Being 21 is going to be a plus.! I can't wait to drink around the world at Disney. I love trying things from other countries. I want to live at Vista Way. I'm not a huge partier or drinker, but I've heard that's where all the housing events are and where most people live. And it's the cheapest rent. I've figured if I'm going to live at Disney, I might as well go all out and get the experience of a lifetime.

January seems so far away right now!! I've still got to make it through the rest of the semester of classes. They're dragging on!  I have so much to look forward to when school ends. My birthday is December 21st and I'll be 21! Ahh! Then there's Christmas and New year's! And THEN, I'm going on a cruise with my mom and a bunch of girls in January! It's my birthday present from my mom, and an awesome vacation before I leave for Disney.

Getting accepted early was really great because I was able to choose the date I wanted to leave. All the dates are first come, first serve, so if the only date left to leave was the 10th, I wouldn't have been able to go to Disney. Everything has worked out perfectly and all that's left is to wait!!! Good luck to every one who's applying! I can't wait to meet you all =D